Pop Corn Design zum Wohlfühlen .

Der Messe-Stand 2024 von Pop Corn Design Paris. Design-Kompetenz in Person: Pascal Pellen, erfolgreicher Unternehmer und geschätzter Kurator.


“For more than 15 years, POP CORN is a french distributor for the promotion of alternative trends from European design: conceptual furniture and collectable objects for all kind of living spaces!

By affinities, meetings and groupings, POP CORN has made the best assembly of this other design and now offers a wide selection of furniture, lighting and objects, both adorable, affordable and durable. New ideas, beautiful materials, craft techniques, a design that is taken not by reflex, but by reflection, at a distance between the often inaccessible production of the art world and the invasive contrario of the global market.”

Ein Wohlfühlort für meine Design-Objekte.